Yours Truly...

Dearest Buddy,

   Its time for me to go; go away from your life, go away from you.Its now time for me to move on. I know this action of mine will hurt you terribly and leave you brokenhearted, but believe me, I was left with no other option!!! I'm hating each and every moment of my life at present. Wish you were here!!! But...with you so far off, I had to take this drastic step.

   After knowing me very well, I'm sure you also know that I've loved you with all my heart. I still remember the first time you held my hand and said "I love only you sweetheart'. it was the best moment in my life. In fact, the only good thing that has happened in my life so far is your entry. I had been so lonely!!! No true friends, family responsibilities: It was as if I was living for the sake of living. in the corner of my heart I always wished I had someone who could understand me, someone who loved me for what I am. And came along. Like a breath of fresh air, you brought along with you a reason for me to live. You taught me the meaning of love, what it is like to feel protected and cared for. Your arrival was like a new lease of life for me.

    The past three years have given me beautiful moments. Moments I deeply cherish, memories of which will help me survive for the rest of my life. Remember the time when I fell sick?? It was you who had taken charge of things. my medicines, my managed everything!!! That was the first time my insecurities vanished because I knew then that you'll never leave my side, come what may. In fact, you were always there whenever I needed you. You were my biggest support, my strength, my companion, my weakness. But destiny had other plans...all that I now have is just a handful of memories to sustain me.I live because of you. I need to move on since life doesn't wait for eternity.I have to move along with life's tidal waves. And yes...please don't ask me to forget you. How can I ever forget my heartbeats, my breath, my life, my soul - YOU???

    I think I've got carried away by too much of emotions. Time for me to stop now. Take care of yourself and if at all you remember me, remember me as someone who loved you with all her heart but lost.

    Goodbye love.

Yours truly.  


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