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Family Dosa

Had taken the kids out for a treat. As usual their choice of cuisine popped up. One wanted noodles while the other wanted a chole bature. It was as they squabbled I realized that this had become a routine affair. We went out, ordered food based on individual choices. Sometimes we finished the laid out food, on some occassions have got them packed only to be left in the refrigerator or have left them right there thoroughly  embarrassed to have gone overboard. I decided to put a stop to their tiffs and ordered a four feet family dosa instead. It was an impulsive action and my kids definitely thought that their old lady was going crazy. They were mighty miffed. One complained why I hadn't ordered what she had wanted. The other one had a disgusted look on her face and refused to talk to me. When the literally lengthy dosa appeared, their anger turned into surprise and wonder. "How in the name of God are we going to finish this???". The other one simply said "Oh my God!