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My Childhood

All of us are children, Unique, me and you. Childhood can be happy, It can be different too. Most children live with siblings, And both parents too. Yet some don't have a parent, I am one of such few. Today as a child I am here, Eager to tell you all, About a Dad I never see, A Dad who never calls. Though you cannot meet him, I want you all to know, All about my Daddy, How much he loves me so. He loved to tell me stories, He taught me to ride my bike, He surprised me with chocolates, And gave me things I like. You see, he was an Air Warrior, He died five years ago. He was chosen by God, When I was only four. I love my Daddy very much, He is my shining star, And if he could, he would be here, But heaven is just too far. My Daddy's always with me, Even though we are apart. My childhood is different, My Dad lives in my heart.


I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop. I wish I could revert back to the date 30th August to be precise. The happening of that day that year is still etched in my mind. What followed later is something my family cannot and it should not forget. The mood had been set and Mother Nature aided us in the process. The morning sky was a peaceful blue, absolutely perfect for the events that would be unfolding in a short while. Weather was pleasant and the people I wanted to participate in the reunion were ready. Finally, a daughter was on her way to meet her father. Yes, it was time for us to heal, something that I had wanted to happen since ages. We both reached the place where Manu, my husband, was waiting for us. We were meeting him after years. Manu was a stickler to time and so were we, especially Anya, our twenty year old daughter. On reaching the entryway, Anya looked at me. I understood that she wanted a private audience with her father. I als

Dearest Sweetheart

Dearest Sweetheart up in heaven, Hear me out today, There is someone who is joining you, He is already on his way. When you left, to join up there, I found brothers who made life worthwhile, He was one, amongst them all, His presence brought in a smile. He speaks fast but knows it all, He is your youngster as well, A brother, a guide, a friend in need, He drew me out of my shell. Take care of him and under your wings, No better soul you will find, Comfort him, tell him we are there, For a family he has left behind. Every life that he has touched, He has left a mark on souls, The Purple clan is shell-shocked, About this switch of roles. Tell him when he reaches he is loved, By people still alive, And he has a wife who is super strong, She too will survive. Say that though his void is tough to fill, He still lives, though physically apart, A man like him can never die, He'll always live in our heart. And te