Dearest Sweetheart

Dearest Sweetheart up in heaven,
Hear me out today,
There is someone who is joining you,
He is already on his way.

When you left, to join up there,
I found brothers who made life worthwhile,
He was one, amongst them all,
His presence brought in a smile.

He speaks fast but knows it all,
He is your youngster as well,
A brother, a guide, a friend in need,
He drew me out of my shell.

Take care of him and under your wings,
No better soul you will find,
Comfort him, tell him we are there,
For a family he has left behind.

Every life that he has touched,
He has left a mark on souls,
The Purple clan is shell-shocked,
About this switch of roles.

Tell him when he reaches he is loved,
By people still alive,
And he has a wife who is super strong,
She too will survive.

Say that though his void is tough to fill,
He still lives, though physically apart,
A man like him can never die,
He'll always live in our heart.

And tell your God I envy him,
Why does he have to take the best?
They are needed more on Earth,
Why does God disturb happy nests?

I know I know you can do nothing,
But please do this for me,
Take care of my brother as he joins you,
He is an amazing bro that could be.

As your clan grows and mine does too,
I want you all to know,
Husbands, brothers, fathers, sons,
Friends, you are loved to the core.

You are warriors Purple or otherwise,
You are loved a lot,
Salutes to you for braving it out,
Nobody can take your spot.

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