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My life is no less than a "Big Picture". I know, a lot of water has flown under the bridge of time. Yet, sometimes, a teeny weeny voice inside my head tells me to ponder, to introspect. And when I happen to have few minutes all to myself I do. Today was one such day when I went on a trip down my memory lane. As usual, my thoughts go back to a point, one that I call "A Point Of No Return". I call it so because however much I want I can never ever turn back time nor change whatever happened. Am I stuck with my past clinging on to my past memories? I am. But then, I can do nothing about it because I know it is my past that has made me what I am today in my present. So instead of whining over what happened, I have embraced change. I tried changing with changing times. I have learnt to let go of unpleasant memories. Have I grown? Maybe, but I have ensured that the Peter Pan in me entices the kid in me to remain a child. And yet in my varied roles, I do find a qu