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Apart Yet Together

I never knew I'd meet you, And that you'd look beyond my scars, Though we aren't meant to be, Time with you my happiest hours. Its been ages since I've felt this way, You touched corners I never knew, We are in two different worlds, Yet I am glad my world is you. Happy that I met you, We did meet for a reason, You are my earth I am your sky, Our paradise, our horizon. You've given me million reasons, To laugh, blush and smile, I've never felt this happy, You've made my life worthwhile. I could go on writing, Oh! So many things to say, You're etched in my soul, I'm glad we met this way. Its not easy to be us, You are wind and I am fire, But the feelings we have inside, Will cater for every desire. No matter where life takes us, Roads keeping us apart, Though separated by distance, Always connected at heart. Love can fade, hearts can break, But we are shore and the sea, Tog