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Remember Nora

     Remember Nora? Well...thought of meeting her after a gap of two years. Had heard a lot from others. Was told how she was a courageous woman, taking everything in her stride and moving on..Had learnt she was admired for the way she behaved. I had almost etched a picture of hers in my mind.  Met her. Found her to be fitting the descriptions I had heard. Felt fact...lighter in my heart. Thanked God for the status quo. And then...without giving a second thought, probed her. Lo and behold!!! A new facet!!! There were no streams of tears but her eyes were wet. No more lumps in her throat when she answered queries about her soulmate and yet her mind always raced back to her children with a prayer in her heart "May God make them as strong as steel - tough, dependable, long lasting."       Time like a typical gypsy had moved on. She had kept abreast with its pace. Yet there were still unanswered queries buried deep within her: She kept getting answers for que