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There are days when I want to rave and rant, cry till my eyes turn puffy. Today is one of them. 'Turn to your friends,' my mind says. 'I can't,' I reply. Its not that I dont trust them. Oh, yes I do. I trust them with my life. Yet, a part of me wants to do it alone. With nobody asking questions and me not wanting to reply. I don't want to answer. In fact, I have no answers. And then...I hear a familiar sound. 'Pitter patter, pitter patter,' it goes. Sounds like the nursery rhyme I had learnt in my childhood. Smiling to myself I run to open the door and step out. 'Finally,' I mused to myself. Standing there getting drenched, my tears run down my cheeks. All my pent up emotions finding an outlet in the open. No judgements, no bias. Only me, my pain and raw emotions. Who says that only humans can be friends? I found one...RAIN. P.S: The illustration is by an amazing artist called Pascal Campion and this