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Conversations: Love in Hatred

"Hi sweetheart." "What are you doing here???? you scared the daylights out of me!!!!" "Sorry...I just came to say I love you." "But I hate you." "I love you." "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." "Why honey?" "I hate you because now I have to pay the bills and take care of finances. I hate you for forcing me to drive on highways and getting me to wash the car. For doing the rewiring in the house, repairing the taps. For letting me sit through whitewashes and distempering. I could go on and on and on. Now you understand why I hate you." "I.... I am....very sorry." "Sorry!!!! You expect me to forgive you???? You know very well that my calculations are weak. I still write six multiplied by six as twelve though my mind knows it is 36. Remember the accident I miraculously escaped???How can you forget? After all, it always gave you a reason to make fun of my d

The News

   Commander Phoenix looked out of the tinted window  in his office. He could see the leaves of all visible trees drooping. He glanced at the clock. It was exactly twelve 'o' clock.    'Good that the weather is so sultry and humid. No wonder then that people have stuck to their offices,' he mused.    Pleasing Commander Phoenix was a tough job. He was a hard task master and had a no nonsense approach. But that afternoon he was a happy man. Before he could mull over the file on his table, the phone rang.    "Hello."    "Hi Phoenix, it is me Winget this side."   Commander Winget was head of a collocated unit. Unlike Commander Phoenix, Commander Winget was quite vocal about his thoughts and had a great sense of humour. In spite of their individual differences both worked in tandem.    "Hey Winget, it is so unlike you to call at this time!" Commander Phoenix was truly surprised receiving the call.    "I know you must


   It has been more than a month since I last blogged. Thankfully it was not a case of 'Writer's Block'. Besides the mundane hassles of shifting and re-shifting I truly felt more like a robot on the move. To add to this were painful blasts from the Past. I had to break free hence  took to modern day fasting- no Whatsapp, no facebook, no blogging, no internet. I thought it will not work, but it really did wonders. And how did it help....well...that is the crux of the matter.    Sometimes, to free oneself from the clutches of pain and despair one has to get head on with it. It is like jumping inside an active volcano to make it dormant. If you face it, you live happily longer; displace it and you just live. Life is all about living and that too living it well, after all, there is no guarantee that we will live again. By the way, even if we do reincarnate, there is every possibility that we might be reborn as a mosquito or a fly that is swotted down the minute it flies f