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There are days when I want to rave and rant, cry till my eyes turn puffy. Today is one of them.
'Turn to your friends,' my mind says.
'I can't,' I reply.
Its not that I dont trust them. Oh, yes I do. I trust them with my life. Yet, a part of me wants to do it alone. With nobody asking questions and me not wanting to reply. I don't want to answer. In fact, I have no answers.
And then...I hear a familiar sound.
'Pitter patter, pitter patter,' it goes.
Sounds like the nursery rhyme I had learnt in my childhood. Smiling to myself I run to open the door and step out.
'Finally,' I mused to myself.
Standing there getting drenched, my tears run down my cheeks. All my pent up emotions finding an outlet in the open. No judgements, no bias. Only me, my pain and raw emotions.
Who says that only humans can be friends? I found one...RAIN.
P.S: The illustration is by an amazing artist called Pascal Campion and this is his copyright. Please check out his FB pa…

I Know, Do You?

I know a child,
Who with vacant eyes,
Sat looking at the door,
Awaiting a man,
To execute a plan,
Her 'partner in crime' for sure.
She kept staring,
Grumbling and glaring,
To hear the sound of her gate,
But what came next,
Was not the best,
And her father was never late.
He did return,
But in an urn,
Remains of a black coffin box,
He gave his life,
A supreme sacrifice,
It was that family's loss.

I know another child,
Both strong and wild,
A girl who never lied,
A cheerful kid,
Doing mother's bid
But with this pain inside.
When she was born,
Her family was torn,
She never saw her dad,
She only knew,
Her father through,
The stories others had.
She yearned to know,
What he was, so,
She decided to be like him,
To grow up strong,
Righting the wrong,
A warrior gentle and grim.

I know a wife,
Who all her life,
Has an aching pain,
Who starts from scratch,
With 'this' and 'that',
Learning to live again.
She plays her part,
She knows the art,
Of laughing when in…

New Year Wish For My Sweetheart

Dearest sweetheart up in heaven,
I thought of a silent wish today,
Yet every fragment of my soul,
Wants me to shout out and say.
Have a wonderful year with your friends,
Enjoy your stay above,
I know you know that I am fine,
After all, we are soulmates my love.

I may sound wonky and delusional,
For saying you're alive in my life,
For the world you may be dead,
But I will always be your wife.
Love doesnot have an expiry date,
Especially when its true,
Nor does distance make any difference,
A case in point me and you.

Love is really a funny thing,
It shows up when you least expect,
And when it did fourteen years ago,
It came with honesty, trust, respect.
I am still human not an angel like you,
I might have made mistakes,
But the love I feel you shower me with,
Is the reason my heart never breaks.

People say Time heals all wounds,
Oh yes it did for me for sure,
And with every passing day,
I love you even more.
I love you for being you
And for being with me when I need,
You are the w…

New Beginning

Rest in peace my warrior in blue,
Six years have flown by,
Since the day I stayed back on earth,
And you joined the sky.

Initially, I tried to be like you,
I tried to fill up your shoes,
Then it clicked deep within
My roads were mine to choose.

I learnt to stand on my two feet,
And broadened my shoulders further,
I continued as mom,
I stopped being the father.

You always were and will always be,
The man our girls look up to,
I need to teach them that I am me,
And you will always be you.

Yes, you are no longer present,
Physically in their life,
But in every single action of theirs,
I always see you alive.

Grateful I am for the moments we spent,
As soulmates on this earth,
But I must confess your death has been,
In true terms my rebirth.

Every life has a life purpose
Yours was to bring a change in mine,
Your job was done, you had to go,
I now accept it as fine.

It took me years to find inner peace,
And make amends with my soul,
Your deed on earth was up and done,
Its my turn to find my…