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Buying Toys For Kids

I was clearing the children's toy cupboard yesterday evening. It was like going down the memory lane. Most of the toys had been bought since the time my elder child was born (she is now about to turn eight!). And yes, these are coming in handy for my younger one as well (though further additions have definitely been made!). That's when I realized toys have had a big role to play in enhancing developments in my children. I had learnt as a student of Psycholog that play is one of the finest approach with regards to assured development in children. But sometimes, parents do end up either giving too little toys or going overboard.  So, here are my general guidelines, that I keep in mind, while buying age specific toys for my kids. I have included the general abilities you can notice in that particular age as well as their appropriate toys. Of course, it goes without saying that you need not buy all specified toys. You can choose according to your budget and most important, yo

Bucket List Twenty Sixteen

Yet another new beginning, a new year. Time to grab a paper and pen to list out new year resolutions. A quick mental walk down past year's memory lane brings a smile on my face. Not bad! 2015 was full of wonderful moments and learnings. There was a change of workplace, new beginnings with known colleagues and making new friends as well. I rediscovered my love for reading and got into doing reviews. Saw my dream of turning into an author coming true. What better tribute to the man I love! Now that a new day for a new beginning in a new year has started, I now ponder what do I add to my Bucket List 2016. Thought about it for a long time and here is my list of resolutions for my New Year Bucket List. Am not the kind to have too many (sticking to them becomes a problem!!!). I don't believe in "Top Ten" because I like living on "Cloud Nine", hence, there are only nine items in my list for Twenty Sixteen. Here it goes... 1.   Take Life's Challenges O