Bucket List Twenty Sixteen

Yet another new beginning, a new year. Time to grab a paper and pen to list out new year resolutions.

A quick mental walk down past year's memory lane brings a smile on my face. Not bad! 2015 was full of wonderful moments and learnings. There was a change of workplace, new beginnings with known colleagues and making new friends as well. I rediscovered my love for reading and got into doing reviews. Saw my dream of turning into an author coming true. What better tribute to the man I love!

Now that a new day for a new beginning in a new year has started, I now ponder what do I add to my Bucket List 2016. Thought about it for a long time and here is my list of resolutions for my New Year Bucket List. Am not the kind to have too many (sticking to them becomes a problem!!!). I don't believe in "Top Ten" because I like living on "Cloud Nine", hence, there are only nine items in my list for Twenty Sixteen. Here it goes...

1.   Take Life's Challenges One by One:-Loved how I waded through last year. This year I will write more, publish more, try out new things one at a time.

2.   Be Two Cents Worth:-  The past year made me rediscover my love for reading and turn my passion into a support for others. 2016 will see me read more, review more so that my opinions are definitely two cents worth for others.

3.   Indulge in Third Degree:-   The mental fights I had with myself in the year gone by helped me evolve as a better person. This year also, I will introspect more, dream as an optimist and act as a realist.

4.   Discover Four Corners of the Earth:- I had a great time moving around to places unexplored by me. This year I will travel more, explore more and visit places I yearn to.

5.   Dish Out High Fives:-   2016 saw me hang out with friends and make new ones. This year I will hangout more, socialize more, meet up with my friends

6.   Do a Deep Six:-  Last year it was Depression and PSTD. The negativities I negated. This year I will identify more, avoid negativity and negative influences.

7.   Every Moment Like Seventh Heaven:-   Twenty Fifteen taught me to live and love each moment. 2016 will see me living more, enjoying more, relaxing more and appreciating life even better.

8.   Explore Eight Intelligences:- Last year, I tried exercising as per Howard Gardner's theory. Loved every bit of it. Twenty Sixteen will see me exercise more, create more, play more to up my MI quotient.

9.   Dress To The Nines:-   Agreed, I have had my share of losses. Till last year I dressed up just for the heck of it. But this year onwards I will dress up more, strive to look better for my princesses.

And thus ends my Bucket List Twenty Sixteen. It is short, comprehensive and suits my needs. Whether I succeed in ticking off everything, only time will tell!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed and at the same time wishing you an awesome year ahead. By the way, I hope your Bucket List is ready!!!


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