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I looked towards the night scene visible from the window. I could see nothing except the colour 'Black'. The night sky was absolutely dark with no stars visible. Absence of moon was not a comforting thought either. I tried to close my eyes and pretend to doze off, but then, sleep eluded me. What an irony!!! It appeared at that point of time, every little thing I needed that night had conspired together to stay away from me. I was lonely and I was tired. I was weary of lying down on a cold bed, exhausted by the eerie silence surrounding me and draining out all the energy that was left within me. I could not stop myself from getting out of my bed, like a whining schoolgirl, and walk towards the window. I was standing near a widnow on the thirty ninth floor. I sat at first by the window sill and looked around. The sky was indeed empty, as empty as my heart that night. And yet, it had a strange glow (like the calm before a storm!!!). I could see the city way below me, all li