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Conversations: Serendipity

SCENE 1: OUTSIDE A LIBRARY "It looks like you're in trouble there. Can I help?" "No thank you. I can manage on my own." "Listen, the books are heavy. Let me carry them for you." "Am grateful for your concern. However, I prefer doing things on my own." "Hmmm... By the way Sam, my name is Vic." "I know that. We are classmates." "What??? I am so sorry for not recognising you." "It is okay. I was not as popular as you were in college." "No, I have to apologise. This is embarrassing!" "In that case, I have a deal. You can help me in carrying these books and I forgive you in return." "Sounds fair enough. Let me help you now." "Well then, here you go. You may carry these." "Where do want me to drop these books?" "How about you giving me a lift till my room in the hostel?" ***END OF SCENE 1*** SCENE 2: MOVIE HALL


They say twas six years of association,  I have lost only my spouse. Do they understand the bond we shared And the feel of loneliness I house? They say without you now being alive, No bond with me they share. Then why is it that time and again They pretend to others they care? They can take all your clothes, your material things, Leaving me without any. What they cant take is the love we shared Or the memories now with me. If they think it disturbs me Or shatters my peace of mind. Pity on them cause I have moved on, Leaving my past behind. My love, my life, my Prince Charming, My soulmate, my man in blue. My heart knows that you know, I'll always be the woman you loved, you knew. Let people say whatever they want, They matter not, for them I no longer care. All I now live is with the confidence That you love me and are always there. Love is what brought us together, What still binds us is only love. The only thing

Friends And Memories

When life's not ok And I need to cry. When I need answers To my what, how and why. When my chips are down And I badly need a smile, Friends bring in laughter And make this life worthwhile. So all I needs to find "Me" Is few good friends and memories. All I need to be Me Is few good friends and memories. When I feel drained out And things seem so wrong, When my hope dwindles And I need to stay strong. When life tries hard to Pull and bring me down, When I seek happiness And instead get a frown. Then all I need to find "Me" Is few good friends and memories. All I need to be "Me" Is few good friends and memories. Love is like a free bird It only comes and goes. Love may keep changing But friendship always grows. Life is a garden Good friends are the flowers. And times spent together Life's happiest hours. Hence, all I need to find "Me" Is few good friends

Life At Present

It feels so good to be finally free From chains of Past that were binding me. It is time to sit and smell the flowers And drench my soul in sunny showers. New roads beckon, both fair and wild And travel I will like an adult child. Years have passed but age is just a number I have dreams to live by, the ones I see in slumber. Time is moving fast but I have now slowed down Indulging in laughs, sidelining my frowns. I have cast aside my sorrow, my tears and my pain Finally I have truly learnt to live again. I had come to this place with a singular goal Now no more baggages, I have cleansed my soul.


Thank you God for all my friends, Who stood by me when my sea was rough. Thank you for those gentle souls Whose presence made me tough. For all those who were quietly there With silent prayers in their heart. And for those who speak out loud, Helping me to rebuild and restart. Everyone who has touched my life Has made it really worthwhile. Am truly blessed to have friends Who are the reason for every smile. Few are there since my childhood, Few have joined me in my life's journey. Thanking all for being there, Then, now and till eternity.

My Childhood

All of us are children, Unique, me and you. Childhood can be happy, It can be different too. Most children live with siblings, And both parents too. Yet some don't have a parent, I am one of such few. Today as a child I am here, Eager to tell you all, About a Dad I never see, A Dad who never calls. Though you cannot meet him, I want you all to know, All about my Daddy, How much he loves me so. He loved to tell me stories, He taught me to ride my bike, He surprised me with chocolates, And gave me things I like. You see, he was an Air Warrior, He died five years ago. He was chosen by God, When I was only four. I love my Daddy very much, He is my shining star, And if he could, he would be here, But heaven is just too far. My Daddy's always with me, Even though we are apart. My childhood is different, My Dad lives in my heart.


I wish I could turn back the clock and bring the wheels of time to a stop. I wish I could revert back to the date 30th August to be precise. The happening of that day that year is still etched in my mind. What followed later is something my family cannot and it should not forget. The mood had been set and Mother Nature aided us in the process. The morning sky was a peaceful blue, absolutely perfect for the events that would be unfolding in a short while. Weather was pleasant and the people I wanted to participate in the reunion were ready. Finally, a daughter was on her way to meet her father. Yes, it was time for us to heal, something that I had wanted to happen since ages. We both reached the place where Manu, my husband, was waiting for us. We were meeting him after years. Manu was a stickler to time and so were we, especially Anya, our twenty year old daughter. On reaching the entryway, Anya looked at me. I understood that she wanted a private audience with her father. I als

Dearest Sweetheart

Dearest Sweetheart up in heaven, Hear me out today, There is someone who is joining you, He is already on his way. When you left, to join up there, I found brothers who made life worthwhile, He was one, amongst them all, His presence brought in a smile. He speaks fast but knows it all, He is your youngster as well, A brother, a guide, a friend in need, He drew me out of my shell. Take care of him and under your wings, No better soul you will find, Comfort him, tell him we are there, For a family he has left behind. Every life that he has touched, He has left a mark on souls, The Purple clan is shell-shocked, About this switch of roles. Tell him when he reaches he is loved, By people still alive, And he has a wife who is super strong, She too will survive. Say that though his void is tough to fill, He still lives, though physically apart, A man like him can never die, He'll always live in our heart. And te


There are days when I want to write, But my ink runs dry. I still have unanswered questions, Many 'what if' and 'why'. My heart still has an aching void, The world can never fill. Yet every single moment in life, You remain my strength, my will. I laugh and smile, 'monkey' around, I wear make-up too. For my every nerve, every cell, Still shouts out for you. You taught me love is eternal, It can never die. No matter where my life path goes, Its always "You and I". I do have my fleeting moments, When pained emotions are high. But knowing you for who you are, You will understand why. I cry, I rant, I shed my tears, All to reach out to you. Your love, my pain, both together, Help keep my life sky blue. You are you and I am I, I can never fill your shoes. I am trying hard to live the life, You've wanted me to choose. Rest in peace, live your life, To the fullest there above. You'll remain my strength, my hope,


Time once gone never returns, So just do what your heart yearns.  Live each moment like its last,  Else 'twill become a thing of past.  Love like you'll never love again,  Take a walk or dance in the rain.  Just do what your heart says is right, Even if the brain puts up a fight.  Sing the songs you've wanted to sing, Live your life like a Queen or King.  Some day when you are weary and small, Thoughts will knock and give a call. Memories of moments you have lived and gone, Of times and hours with  that 'Someone'. They will truly make you smile,  You will feel you are worthwhile.  Hope is what that should keep you  going, Live each moment and love  what you are doing...

Friends, Memories And More

Happy Friendship Day said Facebook to me. I smiled. Really!!! I mean do I really need one particular day to celebrate the existence of my friends? Personally, I do not. My friends matter a lot to me. I do not need one day in a year to acknowledge their presence. In fact they have quietly walked into my life and stood by me at all times.  I still remember when I was a kid, with my pigtails swaying behind as I danced on my way to school. There were days when I would get late for the morning assembly. My buddies would fill up my space and quietly let me sneak in when the classes were dispersed. There were days when lunch boxes were swapped and food breaks were celebrated. And then, a time came when I reached college. Come what may and try hard as I could, I would invariably end up missing the first class of the day. Yet again, my buddies would mark me present and jot down points for me. I vividly remember the days we would all bunk our classes only to sit in the cafeteria for a l

Kitchen Tales

A tale to help teach kids the art of cooking.


My life is no less than a "Big Picture". I know, a lot of water has flown under the bridge of time. Yet, sometimes, a teeny weeny voice inside my head tells me to ponder, to introspect. And when I happen to have few minutes all to myself I do. Today was one such day when I went on a trip down my memory lane. As usual, my thoughts go back to a point, one that I call "A Point Of No Return". I call it so because however much I want I can never ever turn back time nor change whatever happened. Am I stuck with my past clinging on to my past memories? I am. But then, I can do nothing about it because I know it is my past that has made me what I am today in my present. So instead of whining over what happened, I have embraced change. I tried changing with changing times. I have learnt to let go of unpleasant memories. Have I grown? Maybe, but I have ensured that the Peter Pan in me entices the kid in me to remain a child. And yet in my varied roles, I do find a qu

Purple Warriors

Once upon a time in Fairyland, There were four hundred and sixty three princes And only three princesses Each of them different, Unique, And with a mind of their own. They Were the chosen ones. Chosen to be together For months In salubrious climes. Months passed, Seasons changed. Arguments turned into agreements, Conflicts became friendships. Slowly, Olives, whites and blues turned purple. Not exact but nearing perfection. All good things do end And so did their story. These fairy warriors Metamorphed into kings and queens. It was now time To go separate ways And rule their kingdoms In their own way. They bade a teary adieu With promises of being in touch. Some did, some couldn't. Each one slowly taking control Of their domain, their life. Years passed. Rivers flowed under the bridge of time. The kings and queens grew old. Some became masters Of all that they surveyed. And some, Made a quiet exit.

S For Silence

I am the tears an orphan cries, Or the pain a widow feels. I am hidden behind happy smiles, And in joy when a wound heals. I am present when raindrops fall, Pitter-patter on the earth. I am spoken when no words are said, To tell a man his true worth.


Just when I am about to give up, You quietly make your presence felt. You whisper "Don't stop, go on", And erase doubts that ever dwelt. Loved you then, love you now, And I know I always will. Together then, separated now, Yet one soul and one heart still. Time may fly, I would grow old, But the love for you would never die. We were a pair, we are still now, And we'd always be, You and I.

Hedgy Gets A Time Out

This is a cute little story made using Storybird. It is an amazing platform for kids to write stories.

Home Under The Blue Sky

Less than seventy days for me To return back to where I belong, I'll be underneath my blue sky, Will be in the place I call Home. I will go back to familiar sounds, Will hear the fighters roar again, And everytime the rotors sing, My heart will smile with a tinge of pain. Yet 'twill be under the blue sky, Donning the blue uniform I love, I will remember years gone by, The people here and those above. Oh the love I have for my sky, All the Hawaabaaz will agree. Its akin to those who love their land, And to the ones who love their sea. I'm counting days to get back, To the space where I truly belong, I'm going back to my blue sky, Thats the place I call my home.