Conversations: Serendipity


"It looks like you're in trouble there. Can I help?"

"No thank you. I can manage on my own."

"Listen, the books are heavy. Let me carry them for you."

"Am grateful for your concern. However, I prefer doing things on my own."

"Hmmm... By the way Sam, my name is Vic."

"I know that. We are classmates."

"What??? I am so sorry for not recognising you."

"It is okay. I was not as popular as you were in college."

"No, I have to apologise. This is embarrassing!"

"In that case, I have a deal. You can help me in carrying these books and I forgive you in return."

"Sounds fair enough. Let me help you now."

"Well then, here you go. You may carry these."

"Where do want me to drop these books?"

"How about you giving me a lift till my room in the hostel?"

***END OF SCENE 1***


"I never thought you would agree to watch a movie with me, that too alone."

"In fact, I was apprehensive. I felt you might refuse."

"Why should I? I hope you do not regret your decision."

"No ways! Your smile made me feel that this was one of the best decisions I have ever taken."

"Really!!! All this while I was thinking I was the one taking a risk."

"You sure were. What if I had turned out to be a creep like others?"

"I know you do not have it in you to behave like one. You are different."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am. What if I had proved to be like one of those who literally fall over you?"

"I know you are different. I respect you for that."

"Thank you."


"Being the person you are."

"I trust you Sam."

"Ditto Vic."

***END OF SCENE 2***


"Sam...I...I need to say something."


"It has been almost a month since we got talking. But it seems as if we have known each other for years."

"I can understand. In fact, I have started feeling this way too."

"We almost always complete each other's sentences..."

"Like soulmates?"

" soulmates. What if we really are soulmates?"

"Oh my God! I was about to ask the same question to you!"

"Ha ha ha...see I told you. This indeed proves we are soulmates."

"Completing sentences, reading each other's mind, these are not the sole traits of soulmates..."

"I know that Sam. But having got to know you has been one of the nicest thing that has happened to me out here."

"What if you realise later that I am not your kind?"

"I know for sure that it will not happen. I have grown to respect you and the fact that I can always be honest with you."

" two people can be happy if there is no trust, respect and honesty amongst them."

"Maybe, it is the existence of these three elements which makes us what we are?"

"It is not maybe Vic. It is THE reason why we both exist as US.  I am glad we got talking."

***END OF SCENE 3***


"Hey!!! What a pleasant surprise!!! What are you doing here?"

"I thought of having coffee. So..."

"Really!!! All this while I was thinking you came to meet me."

"Ha ha am I getting free coffee or not?"

"You will, but if you don't mind, I will be making black coffee for myself."

"Why black coffee? Are you having a migraine?"

"No. I am preoccupied with a few insignificant issues."

"In that case let me make coffee for you."

"You will make!!! But you do not like cooking right?"

"I still don't but I want to...for you."

"Are you sure?"

"Are you willing to teach?"

"Always. Vic?"

"Yes Sam."

"Thank you for being there."

"I will be there for you. Always."


" do I make black coffee?"

***END OF SCENE 4***



" everything okay? I am woeried."

"I...I need to go Vic."

"I know that! In fact, we both have to go back to work, right?"

"Of course! But...I am talking about something else."

"You know me well enough to understand that I am bad at solving riddles."

"I know Vic...Do you want me to be honest?"

"Yes. Like always."

"Well...I need to go...go away from your life. It is a good thing that we will be parting ways soon. But I want you to let me go away from your thoughts, your heart."

"Have I hurt you in any way Sam?"

"No!!!! Of course not!!! I am the one to feel so. Listen, I am jinxed and I do not want to complicate things for you."

"What nonsense! Meeting you has been the best thing to have happened to me. Let me finish this issue once and for all. You are going nowhere."

"But Vic..."

"Sam I know long distance relationships are difficult. If you think I am going to leave you, then my answer is a big NO. I will never leave you. Yes, there would be days when we may not be able to chat for long or message. But..."

"...we will continue to be in each other's hearts. Always and forever."

"This life and after. You trust me right?"

"More than I trust myself."

"Then stop worrying. We both are going nowhere. I agree we have our compulsions and our responsibilities but the place we have in our heart and soul for each other can never be taken away."

"Soulmate...want to have coffee???"

"I have a better proposition. How about Black Coffee this time?"

***END OF SCENE 5***


"Thank you...for coming."

"Don't make me feel worse. I am already feeling guilty."

" don't have to feel bad."

"I should have come to meet you earlier. I wish I had known..."

"It is not your fault. I should have told you...but I didn't, and..."

"...and I know the reason why. You didn't want me to feel disturbed."


"It has been ages since we have met face to face right?"

"10 years to be precise."

"No wonder, you didn't tell me. How could you trust somebody who has not bothered to meet you."

"Stop it!!! Stop blaming yourself! You had nothing to do with whatever happened to me. You feeling guilty is making me feel awful."

"Sorry Sam..."

" will be punished if you say sorry."

"I am willing to do anything...for you. I am sorry I failed you."

"Vic...I need a cup of black coffee made by you...Will you make...for one last time???"

"You are not going anywhere."

"We have no other choice left."

***END OF SCENE 6***


"I wish you had waited for me."

"You want me to be honest?"


"I am glad I didnot wait for you."


"You know the reason Vic."

"Yes...I never had time."

"No. You had time but you never gave me any. You know Vic, even if one is busy, one always takes out time to pay attention to those who matter the most. I never mattered to you."

"You know it is not true Sam..."

"Really!!! Once we went our separate ways, how many times have you tried to meet me? "

"I am sorry Sam..."

"I never said this to make you feel guilty. I was never a priority for you and I realised it pretty early in life."


"Got to go now Vic. It is time for me to be reborn. And I have one humble request. Don't follow me any more. I cannot afford to be hurt the same way in another lifetime."

***END OF SCENE 7***

P.S - This was a random story written as a 7 Day Challenge: Conversations - A Story Through Dialogues on an App called Tap. My story link is here... This is a story about two hearts one soul. Serendipity brought them together. Love, trust and respect bound them together. The end is contradictory but then is it really the end or an indicator of a new beginning? Only time will tell.


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