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New Year Wish For My Sweetheart

Dearest sweetheart up in heaven, I thought of a silent wish today, Yet every fragment of my soul, Wants me to shout out and say. Have a wonderful year with your friends, Enjoy your stay above, I know you know that I am fine, After all, we are soulmates my love. I may sound wonky and delusional, For saying you're alive in my life, For the world you may be dead, But I will always be your wife. Love doesnot have an expiry date, Especially when its true, Nor does distance make any difference, A case in point me and you. Love is really a funny thing, It shows up when you least expect, And when it did fourteen years ago, It came with honesty, trust, respect. I am still human not an angel like you, I might have made mistakes, But the love I feel you shower me with, Is the reason my heart never breaks. People say Time heals all wounds, Oh yes it did for me for sure, And with every passing day, I love you even more. I love you for being you And for being wit