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Conversations: Serendipity

SCENE 1: OUTSIDE A LIBRARY "It looks like you're in trouble there. Can I help?" "No thank you. I can manage on my own." "Listen, the books are heavy. Let me carry them for you." "Am grateful for your concern. However, I prefer doing things on my own." "Hmmm... By the way Sam, my name is Vic." "I know that. We are classmates." "What??? I am so sorry for not recognising you." "It is okay. I was not as popular as you were in college." "No, I have to apologise. This is embarrassing!" "In that case, I have a deal. You can help me in carrying these books and I forgive you in return." "Sounds fair enough. Let me help you now." "Well then, here you go. You may carry these." "Where do want me to drop these books?" "How about you giving me a lift till my room in the hostel?" ***END OF SCENE 1*** SCENE 2: MOVIE HALL


They say twas six years of association,  I have lost only my spouse. Do they understand the bond we shared And the feel of loneliness I house? They say without you now being alive, No bond with me they share. Then why is it that time and again They pretend to others they care? They can take all your clothes, your material things, Leaving me without any. What they cant take is the love we shared Or the memories now with me. If they think it disturbs me Or shatters my peace of mind. Pity on them cause I have moved on, Leaving my past behind. My love, my life, my Prince Charming, My soulmate, my man in blue. My heart knows that you know, I'll always be the woman you loved, you knew. Let people say whatever they want, They matter not, for them I no longer care. All I now live is with the confidence That you love me and are always there. Love is what brought us together, What still binds us is only love. The only thing

Friends And Memories

When life's not ok And I need to cry. When I need answers To my what, how and why. When my chips are down And I badly need a smile, Friends bring in laughter And make this life worthwhile. So all I needs to find "Me" Is few good friends and memories. All I need to be Me Is few good friends and memories. When I feel drained out And things seem so wrong, When my hope dwindles And I need to stay strong. When life tries hard to Pull and bring me down, When I seek happiness And instead get a frown. Then all I need to find "Me" Is few good friends and memories. All I need to be "Me" Is few good friends and memories. Love is like a free bird It only comes and goes. Love may keep changing But friendship always grows. Life is a garden Good friends are the flowers. And times spent together Life's happiest hours. Hence, all I need to find "Me" Is few good friends

Life At Present

It feels so good to be finally free From chains of Past that were binding me. It is time to sit and smell the flowers And drench my soul in sunny showers. New roads beckon, both fair and wild And travel I will like an adult child. Years have passed but age is just a number I have dreams to live by, the ones I see in slumber. Time is moving fast but I have now slowed down Indulging in laughs, sidelining my frowns. I have cast aside my sorrow, my tears and my pain Finally I have truly learnt to live again. I had come to this place with a singular goal Now no more baggages, I have cleansed my soul.