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New Beginning

Rest in peace my warrior in blue, Six years have flown by, Since the day I stayed back on earth, And you joined the sky. Initially, I tried to be like you, I tried to fill up your shoes, Then it clicked deep within My roads were mine to choose. I learnt to stand on my two feet, And broadened my shoulders further, I continued as mom, I stopped being the father. You always were and will always be, The man our girls look up to, I need to teach them that I am me, And you will always be you. Yes, you are no longer present, Physically in their life, But in every single action of theirs, I always see you alive. Grateful I am for the moments we spent, As soulmates on this earth, But I must confess your death has been, In true terms my rebirth. Every life has a life purpose Yours was to bring a change in mine, Your job was done, you had to go, I now accept it as fine. It took me years to find inner peace, And make amends with my soul, Your deed on earth was