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Chapter 1: From The Very Beginning

    I stepped onto the platform of Guwahati railway station looking around for a known face. The humidity of mid July was catching up fast and my empty fears of anti-national elements out to hunt me down were running through my head. Why I thought so i still cant decipher. Neither was I a well known celebrity nor an outsider. Probably my transformation from a twenty four year old "frog in the well" to a "grounded flying princess" had a lot to do with such apprehensions.     Assembling my luggage, I had a quick glance at my cellphone (am allergic to watches, don't ask me why and how!!!!), and then a feeling of uneasiness dawned upon me. Suddenly I heard the most melodious voice saying "Madam, good evening. I have been sent to receive you". Turning around I saw a middle aged guy with a pot belly and a reed thin boy sauntering behind him. Well, the voice did sound musical to my ears, ones that were straining to hear a familiar voice. I had spoken


      Our sense of smell is the only sense that sends information directly to the brain. Of the twelve nerve endings that enter the brain, only the olfactory or sense of smell passes stimuli to the brain unfiltered. There are certain odours that increase the ability to learn, create and think. Other aromas boost attention and learning. Mental alertness can be increased by using peppermint, basil, lemon, cinnamon and rosemary. In order to promote relaxation and calming effect, use lavender, chamomile, orange and rose. Ideas for Using Aromas to Build Brain Power 1. Design cooking activities to release aromas that increase alertness. 2. Use scented playdough. 3. Encourage kids to use scented markers for writing and drawing. 4. Add cooking extracts to tempera paints and ask kids to make scent-sational paintings. 5. Use potpourri. 6. Provide hand lotions by the sink for children to use after washing their hands. 7. Make scratch and sniff pictures. 8. Play florist.

Lets Thank Together

    Along with the festivities associated with the Republic Day this year, controversies, dharnas and what not also created a niche for themselves. Republic Day started with the initiation of the Constitution of India and its  preface begins with the words "We the people of India"  (I know I am catering to elite people vested with superior intellect who need to be spared details they are already aware of!!!). well, being an optimistic opportunist I decided that as a responsible Indian I should join in the Republic Day celebrations by thanking those who have truly made a difference in our lives. I decided to close my eyes and think of the one whom I wanted to thank... Innumerable faces flashed across my mind with only one thing in common...the uniforms of Air Force, Army and Navy...     Today, I want to thank the thousands of Men and  Women in  Olive Greens who sweat it out in unfriendly soil, away from their homes, away from civil society. They are there, out in the borders

Life's Little More Things

A little pain, a little pleasure, Joy and sorrow, in equal measure, A little work, a little leisure, Make up life's bounty treasure. A little sea, a little coast, Small winnings for one to boast, Sometimes guest, sometimes host, Life is a party, let us toast. Little sun and little shower, A butterfly for every flower, A little hut, a little tower, Life has got immense power. A little thought, a little word, Like a little child that's lured, Sometimes said, sometimes heard, Life is a free flying bird. A little line, a little dot, A little interesting plot, A little cold, a little hot, Life's sole motto - "Forget me not!!!" A little gesture, little sign, Bit secretive as number nine, Little yours and little mine, Life keeps saying "I am fine". A little mind, a little heart, Each of us play our own part, Sometimes an end, sometimes a start, Life is a journey on a cart.

Dear Friend

Life was like a struggling boat Before you entered my life. You helped me to rise and not just float, While withstanding strife. Whatever I am, good or bad, I owe it all to you, Only for you nowadays I'm glad, And friends like you are few. You've taught this soul to smile a lot And learn to love the ground and plain. Don't leave or go and forget-me-not, 'Coz without you I'll be lonely again. My life was dark before you came, Your smile has made it bright, I was wild, you made me tame, Through your caring light. All your ways which show you care Endears you to my heart. The way you give, the way you share Makes me wish that we don't part.

Word Play

Words are the best way To tell what the feelings are. Yet, when you want to pen them down They ditch you and go far. However hard you try, They never answer your call. But when you start thinking, They're in the mind, after all!!! Still, once you've finished writing, Surprisingly you'll find, Whatever you have written, Were the ones you had in mind.

Yours Truly...

Dearest Buddy,    Its time for me to go; go away from your life, go away from you.Its now time for me to move on. I know this action of mine will hurt you terribly and leave you brokenhearted, but believe me, I was left with no other option!!! I'm hating each and every moment of my life at present. Wish you were here!!! But...with you so far off, I had to take this drastic step.    After knowing me very well, I'm sure you also know that I've loved you with all my heart. I still remember the first time you held my hand and said "I love only you sweetheart'. it was the best moment in my life. In fact, the only good thing that has happened in my life so far is your entry. I had been so lonely!!! No true friends, family responsibilities: It was as if I was living for the sake of living. in the corner of my heart I always wished I had someone who could understand me, someone who loved me for what I am. And came along. Like a breath of fresh air, you brou

Only Love is Real

      My husband had never been the kind to delve into books bearing any resemblance to metaphysics. Neither he believed in gifting me, a bibliophile, a book because for him it was a sheer wastage since I was not only surrounded by books (literally!!!) at my work place, I could order for the ones of my choice. Yet, just before leaving for his one last trip, he gifted me of all the choices in the world, Brian Weiss's Only Love is Real.        Though I took the book with a bemused look on my face, one that had both shock and astonishment, I simply could not comprehend why I was being given this. I took it and after a quick read decided it was one of those metaphysical kinds that do not have relevance. I kept it in my treasure trove without being vocal about my feelings lest I hurt him and wished at the back of my mind that he should have gifted me a Thomas Hardy or Charles Dickens instead (one is never satisfied with what one gets right???).       It was a month after his d

Born Again...

      When my husband died and I was left a widow at the age of 31, my life reached a decisive point. I have had people coming up with statements "What will you do now?Widowed at such a young age!!!", "Poor kids, they have lost their father...","She has lost only her husband", "I can understand your grief..."  So what if my husband is not physically present with me, will he cease to be my husband since dead? Just because the father is dead, don't my kids have their mother alive?           I have even had media-style questionnaire verbally put up to me (you know, the kind that is asked to grieving people). It included questions like "Do you miss him?", "Do you cry? How much", "How did you feel when you were vested with sudden additional responsibilities?", "Are you planning to marry again?" Do I need to justify and state whether I miss him? Should I use a measuring cup to collect my tears so as to

For One More Day

    As per Wikipedia the book  is about a son who gets to spend a day with his mother who died eight years earlier. Charley “Chick” Benetto is a retired baseball player who, facing the pain of unrealized dreams, alcoholism, divorce, and an estrangement from his grown daughter, returns to his childhood home and attempts suicide. There he meets his long dead mother, who welcomes him as if nothing ever happened. The book explores the question, “What would you do if you had one more day with someone you’ve lost?”    I am not ashamed to say that while reading every chapter which brought out the times the protagonist had hurt his mother or disappointed her, I have cried. Not because I am  a sentimental fool, but realization of the fact that there have been times in my life when I have been in the protagonist's  shoes  automatically brought tears into my eyes.Have we taken for granted the people who have loved us the most? Have we ever snubbed at their endeavour to make us feel bett

New Year Resolutions...

   Yet another year has crossed over. Yet another occasion to re-look at the list of past year's resolutions. Yet another time when a sense of guilt takes over. Yet another moment to list out again the resolutions for this year that has just kick-started.    Time gone by never comes back. This is a cliched statement. Yet years pass by with guilt pangs writ large on our faces because we failed at some point or other to fulfill the promises made to ourselves. We begin with a bang but end up with a whimper. Year after year this vicious cycle continues to peddle its way through our lives...Why do we fail in sticking to our resolutions. We are resolute in nature no doubt, then what is stopping us???    As we introspect we realize that someway down the life our life has slowly moved out of our control. We have given it away to the wheel of time to take over. How often do we have a "Me" time that can be spent on sticking to our resolutions? With passage of time, the control