New Year Resolutions...

   Yet another year has crossed over. Yet another occasion to re-look at the list of past year's resolutions. Yet another time when a sense of guilt takes over. Yet another moment to list out again the resolutions for this year that has just kick-started.

   Time gone by never comes back. This is a cliched statement. Yet years pass by with guilt pangs writ large on our faces because we failed at some point or other to fulfill the promises made to ourselves. We begin with a bang but end up with a whimper. Year after year this vicious cycle continues to peddle its way through our lives...Why do we fail in sticking to our resolutions. We are resolute in nature no doubt, then what is stopping us???

   As we introspect we realize that someway down the life our life has slowly moved out of our control. We have given it away to the wheel of time to take over. How often do we have a "Me" time that can be spent on sticking to our resolutions? With passage of time, the control shifts from our hands to the hands of others. We dance to the tunes of our family, our job, our social commitments, slowly forgetting that there needs to be time when we ought to dance to our own tunes....

   Lets make a new beginning, a new start. Lets not try but instead stick on to our resolutions. Mine are simple ones - write my blog on a weekly basis, update my website on a weekly basis and indulge in "Me" time. I am sticking to my resolutions, I am sure you can too!!!!


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