Life's Little More Things

A little pain, a little pleasure,
Joy and sorrow, in equal measure,
A little work, a little leisure,
Make up life's bounty treasure.

A little sea, a little coast,
Small winnings for one to boast,
Sometimes guest, sometimes host,
Life is a party, let us toast.

Little sun and little shower,
A butterfly for every flower,
A little hut, a little tower,
Life has got immense power.

A little thought, a little word,
Like a little child that's lured,
Sometimes said, sometimes heard,
Life is a free flying bird.

A little line, a little dot,
A little interesting plot,
A little cold, a little hot,
Life's sole motto - "Forget me not!!!"

A little gesture, little sign,
Bit secretive as number nine,
Little yours and little mine,
Life keeps saying "I am fine".

A little mind, a little heart,
Each of us play our own part,
Sometimes an end, sometimes a start,
Life is a journey on a cart.


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