Lets Thank Together

    Along with the festivities associated with the Republic Day this year, controversies, dharnas and what not also created a niche for themselves. Republic Day started with the initiation of the Constitution of India and its preface begins with the words "We the people of India" (I know I am catering to elite people vested with superior intellect who need to be spared details they are already aware of!!!). well, being an optimistic opportunist I decided that as a responsible Indian I should join in the Republic Day celebrations by thanking those who have truly made a difference in our lives. I decided to close my eyes and think of the one whom I wanted to thank... Innumerable faces flashed across my mind with only one thing in common...the uniforms of Air Force, Army and Navy...

    Today, I want to thank the thousands of Men and Women in Olive Greens who sweat it out in unfriendly soil, away from their homes, away from civil society. They are there, out in the borders fighting terrorism, fighting militants, fighting extreme climate. The only thing that keeps them going in unfriendly terrain is their love for their motherland.

    I thank the Men and Women in Whites who live a solitary life out in the sea protecting Indian waters. Night and Day they keep a vigil and acting as a deterrent to sea pirates and ensuring no troublemaker sets sail on Indian waters. 

   I thank the Men and Women in Blue, who endeavour to protect our country's skies and never hesitate to extend a helping hand, even if their own lives are at stake. I thank them for ensuring that all is really well and Indian skies are truly free.

    I thank each and every Armed Forces personnel for standing together through thick and thin..for being the family each one has left behind...for sharing the joys and sorrows, ups and downs....For staying together...united. 

    A big thank you to the mothers and fathers who let their children join the Armed Forces...who knew that their children were going to do what is expected out of each citizen.... protecting their motherland, fighting for her putting their lives at stake when needed...

    A Thank You to all the spouses.A thank you for not nagging your spouse for not being able to take you out for a movie or cook up your favourite meal..You are indeed, the reason for your Husband/ Wife's dedication to his/ her duties....

    A Thank You to all children of Armed Forces personnel for not complaining that their father and/ or mother were not spending more time with them at home. These children know that it is because of their parent/ parents' efforts that they and their friends have a home...

    Finally, I thank each and every person who supports the warriors in green, white and blue, in their battle to uphold our country's independence and sovereignty.

   We, the people of India, need to take this opportunity to really acknowledge the efforts put in by our Armed Forces personnel. Lets just get together, give them all a big hand (Don't smirk...rotten eggs are in every profession...after all you can't change the entire humanity can you?? Why disregard millions for a handful???). What better way to celebrate Republic Day than thanking these brave warriors!!! 

                   HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.      JAI HIND.


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