Chapter 1: From The Very Beginning

    I stepped onto the platform of Guwahati railway station looking around for a known face. The humidity of mid July was catching up fast and my empty fears of anti-national elements out to hunt me down were running through my head. Why I thought so i still cant decipher. Neither was I a well known celebrity nor an outsider. Probably my transformation from a twenty four year old "frog in the well" to a "grounded flying princess" had a lot to do with such apprehensions. 

   Assembling my luggage, I had a quick glance at my cellphone (am allergic to watches, don't ask me why and how!!!!), and then a feeling of uneasiness dawned upon me. Suddenly I heard the most melodious voice saying "Madam, good evening. I have been sent to receive you". Turning around I saw a middle aged guy with a pot belly and a reed thin boy sauntering behind him. Well, the voice did sound musical to my ears, ones that were straining to hear a familiar voice. I had spoken to the guy at least three times and three is a good number to establish familiarity... With a crisp reply, we moved towards the exit. The fat guy and the thin one, both resembling Laurel and Hardy of yesteryear, followed suit. 

    We almost banged into a humungous vehicle that came out of nowhere and perched itself right in front of me. "Madam, welcome aboard", said the driver at his cheerful best. Taken aback by the sudden intrusion, I moved to the rear trying to figure out how to get inside. "Madam, from here", said the thin boy and he led me to the side door. The door was positioned up high like a ventilator of a ground floor house, and my climb into it definitely resembled a baby monkey trying out a trapeze act in a circus!!!  

    Finally, with all of us seated in, all doors closed, and a fervent prayer in my heart, the huge vehicle with a matching rumble tumbled down the road towards my destined meeting point. Unaware of the conspiracy being conjured in heaven above, I sat motionless, holding on to the side bar, hoping and praying that the door doesn't open amidst the jaunt...

    And thus began my journey as I travelled towards my dream job, my best friends and....LOVE. Here I am sharing it all right from the very beginning!!! 


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