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Eggless Chocolate Sweetheart Cake

      Chocolate cakes have this knack of making you go weak on the knees. Being a strict Vegetarian, eggs were definitely out from my diet. This, however, never stopped me from experimenting with food and baking. During the initial months of my marriage I tried ways and means to please and impress my husband with my culinary skills. Here is one such eggless cake recipe that I have tried and tested on my guinea pig husband and found it a success. I have borrowed the pic from another site because at the moment I am in the process of shifting to a new place. Will upload my original pic once my kitchen becomes operational...  Ingredients 3 tbsp Cocoa 1 1/3  cup Flour 200 gm Butter, cubed 1 ½ tsp baking powder 1 tsp Cooking Soda 1 cup + 2 tbsp powdered sugar 1 tsp Vanilla essence ¾ cup Milk For frosting 1 tbsp Butter 2/3 cup powdered sugar 1 tbsp Cocoa powder 2 drops vanilla extract 1 tbsp vanilla ice cream Directions Melt butter. Add cocoa p

On Life

Each life has its share of ups and downs. Of laughters, tears, joys and frowns. Will not life lose its rosy shine, If I begin to count what should be mine??? Life has its ways and means to meander, However much we stop to ponder. We get what our true share is. Realisation always leads to bliss.

Ten Commandments

             Yet another Valentine's Day gone by what with the hype on a date-wise fortnightly celebrations..this includes both pre and post V Day week. Couples trying to impress each other with gift, cards and what not...The present day lovers would put Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha and other such couples to shame with the antics and tactics adopted for pleasing the partner. Not to forget poets of the Romantic era and of course the new Romantics (if there are any left!!!)        But we really need to get restricted to a particular day to profess our love??? Love never means materialistic and physical gratifications. Neither does it believe in exchange of gifts and cards for survival..         Doesn't this mean that we need to show each day of our lives that we truly love our partner??? At times it does become fact you get so harassed and drained out that you start questioning the very existence of your "Loved One" in your life.

Proof of Heaven

   I had always been interested in metaphysical topics and para-psychology. Am I following the footsteps of the Ghost Busters? Or into Witchcraft? just that like any other person I have been curious about what happens after death. I needed a Proof of Heaven.  It goes without saying that death of my husband definitely added on to my explorations.      Does a person truly live after dying?  Is life just a transitory phase ??? I don't know. Or should I say I didn't know. It was only when my husband died that I asked these  questions. I didn't know whom to turn to for answers. Afraid of the darkness slowly engulfing my mind and unsure of people's views, I resorted to books.   Read through lots of books which included:- Life After Life by Dr Raymond Moody Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshid Bhavnagri Proof of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander The Quest of the Overself by Paul Brunton Books by Nan Umrigar Books by Dr Brian Weiss       Read through book