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I Know, Do You?

I know a child, Who with vacant eyes, Sat looking at the door, Awaiting a man, To execute a plan, Her 'partner in crime' for sure. She kept staring, Grumbling and glaring, To hear the sound of her gate, But what came next, Was not the best, And her father was never late. He did return, But in an urn, Remains of a black coffin box, He gave his life, A supreme sacrifice, It was that family's loss. I know another child, Both strong and wild, A girl who never lied, A cheerful kid, Doing mother's bid But with this pain inside. When she was born, Her family was torn, She never saw her dad, She only knew, Her father through, The stories others had. She yearned to know, What he was, so, She decided to be like him, To grow up strong, Righting the wrong, A warrior gentle and grim. I know a wife, Who all her life, Has an aching pain, Who starts from scratch, With 'this' and 'that', Learning to live again. She plays her p