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Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Dearest Sweetheart Up in Heaven, Its yet again time for me to sit back and live all the wondrous moments I spent with you. Completing 12 years of togetherness in spite of our distance is not a joke. You know what, it has taken me six long years to wish you on the day of our anniversary. To look back, the past six years have always been a roller coaster ride for me, especially on 10th May. I have always been my vulnerable best on this date. But as we enter our 13th year I realised things need to change now. As we enter into our 13th year of being You and I, I cant help but remember so many insignificantly significant moments in our lives. How can I forget the confused look on the face of a young bachelor sitting in front of this room the whole night reeling under the shock that a girl had proposed marriage to him. We did live in a society back then when it was uncommon for a role reversal of this sort. I still recollect the expressions of your boss as he walked into my office, hi