Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Dearest Sweetheart Up in Heaven,

Its yet again time for me to sit back and live all the wondrous moments I spent with you. Completing 12 years of togetherness in spite of our distance is not a joke. You know what, it has taken me six long years to wish you on the day of our anniversary. To look back, the past six years have always been a roller coaster ride for me, especially on 10th May. I have always been my vulnerable best on this date. But as we enter our 13th year I realised things need to change now.

As we enter into our 13th year of being You and I, I cant help but remember so many insignificantly significant moments in our lives. How can I forget the confused look on the face of a young bachelor sitting in front of this room the whole night reeling under the shock that a girl had proposed marriage to him. We did live in a society back then when it was uncommon for a role reversal of this sort. I still recollect the expressions of your boss as he walked into my office, his face livid, simply because he was the last one to know we were getting married. I also remember the day we got hitched. What an event it was! A hartal with not a single vehicular movement on Kerala roads. But of course, those who mattered made it to be with us. I can never forget the pain in your eyes when you had to leave for a mission abroad while I was pregnant with our first baby. And the look on your face when you first held your daughter in your hands. Though I still hold a grudge against you for not being with me in the labour room. But then, on second thoughts, your ability to faint seeing me in pain would have done me no good so its okay. And of course the elation on your face as you saw our second baby’s movements in the ultrasound machine.

You know what, it has been 6 years since you died but I have never felt you being away. In fact, I have to convince myself that you are no longer physically available by my side. You know why? To look back, since the time we have been married, work had kept us busy in our spheres. And with you being away most of the time, I had nobody but myself to keep things going at home. So yes, I have got pretty comfortable doing things on my own since long. Thats why your death did not stop my day to day functioning. As far as emotional support is concerned, one, our daughters are devils in disguise so they keep on my toes. And before you start grinning, let me make it clear that both have taken after you. The second reason is I have always found you by my side whenever I was lonely and insecure.

So sweetheart, today, as we begin our 13th life journey together, I want you to know that no matter life’s road may take us, we will always, always remain US.

Love always,


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