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What's New???

Life is full of chances. Its up to us to grab or let go. That besides, isn't it really boring if we stop challenging ourselves and live a mundane life?? It was on a whimsical note that I decided to take a plunge back into the world of books. I was a bibliophile (Yes, you heard it right, I WAS in the past). As I got lost in the humdrum of routined life, I realized that this was not what I truly wanted to be. I lost my hobbies, my inherent dreams and my wishes. I felt that I was slowly losing myself and my sanity.  As this regression was slowly devouring me, a small inner voice slowly questioned me "Whats new???" It was with a sudden jolt that I realized that the answer was a mere NOTHING since a long, long time. A control freak to the core, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to do something about this life of mine. A quick introspection, and voila, the world if books called me back. Like a child taking baby steps, I restarted my journey, one book at

One Saturday Morning

It was a saturday morning. Like always, I thought it was going to be no different. But then, as the day unfolded, I realized that it was not going to be a 'yet another weekend'.  It was nine 'o' clock in the morning. I still had time to get ready and get going. I did leave my house in time to reach the venue, however, I managed to collect a packet lying on the table and pop it into my bag. Finally, I reached the exact spot, at the exact time (precision, I tell you!!!!). There they were, my class of 14. Fourteen innocent children who had nothing to show off- no fancy shoes, brand new clothes, nothing. They were, well, childrem aged 2 to 7, who were there for their learn.  I was not alone in my teachings. Along with me was a lady who felt the same as I did and shared the same happiness that I had when then the class ended. As yes, that packet of balloons was enough to light up the faces of my students that day. Doing something which the heart has been year