What's New???

Life is full of chances. Its up to us to grab or let go. That besides, isn't it really boring if we stop challenging ourselves and live a mundane life??

It was on a whimsical note that I decided to take a plunge back into the world of books. I was a bibliophile (Yes, you heard it right, I WAS in the past). As I got lost in the humdrum of routined life, I realized that this was not what I truly wanted to be. I lost my hobbies, my inherent dreams and my wishes. I felt that I was slowly losing myself and my sanity. 

As this regression was slowly devouring me, a small inner voice slowly questioned me "Whats new???" It was with a sudden jolt that I realized that the answer was a mere NOTHING since a long, long time. A control freak to the core, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to do something about this life of mine. A quick introspection, and voila, the world if books called me back. Like a child taking baby steps, I restarted my journey, one book at a time. Until, of course, my heart questions again "Whats new???" and I embark on a new journey of self-discovery.

P.S - By the way, whats new in your life???


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