Grateful For A Moment

Sometimes, we end up getting what we badly need in life. It had been a long time since I took a break from work. Thanks to lockdown and proximity to office, I was one of the chosen few who relentlessly went to work. Days went by, months passed and yet, there I was busy meeting deadlines.

Maybe, the fact that I was nearing burnout had reached God. Hence, it resulted in the most favourite moment of this week, a statement that I was to stay at home for 14 days. 14 days of bliss, 14 days of peace, 14 days of self development and relaxation. 

For some people such a dictact would imply pain and torture. After all, who wants to leave the rat race and squander 14 previous days! Yet, for people like me (Yes, I know I am not alone!) these 14 days are a welcome break, a diversion from monotony. 

So beginning today, it would be my endeavour to express my gratitude using prompts. Hence, based on today's prompt, let me describe...
My favourite moment this week has been the news that I am to stay at home and rest. Rest I will, but alongside, I will also indulge in every single hobby of mine that had taken a back seat.

I trust God, I trust my guardian angels and most importantly, I trust my frontier warriors. I know that whatever happens does happen for a reason. Therefore, instead of negative thoughts it is time to heighten our positivity quotient right?

P.S: I used the Lets Talk App for today's promt .🙂

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