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My Best Friend

Dearest Buddy,       Don’t raise your eyebrows so, nor stare too long at the cover, it is true that I finally sat and wrote to you. Believe me, when I thought of all the things you’ve done for me, I couldn’t stop myself from writing.       When I look back at my life, I find that you were there at each twist and turn. If I could adapt to life’s dynamism it is only because of you. I’ve shared so many things with you- my dreams, my aspirations, my thoughts, my ups and downs: In fact, everything that life has offered me till date.       We have grown together. Each and every moment that we’ve spent together has become a wonderful memory. Every time I think of you, a smile creeps up on my face, my eyes get dreamy and I live the moments I spent with you all over again. Believe me, if I had to live my life all over again and choose a partner for doing so, I’ll invariably choose you. I really can’t imagine how my life would have been without you.... It would have been so dark!!!    

Life's Little Things

Little laughs, little tears, Little bravery, little fears, Little jeers, little cheers, Count life by friends and not by years. Little sea and little land, Little sun and little sand, Little open, little canned, Life's a work of God's hand. Little joy and little sorrow, Little lend, little borrow, Little unsure, little thorough, In Life there's always a better tomorrow. Little songs and little dances, Little leaps and little prances, Little bad luck, little freelances, Life keeps giving us all chances. Little spicy, little bland, Little haywire, little planned, Little views and little stand, In life help us understand. Little harsh, little mild, Little scattered, little filed, Little checkered, little tiled, Life's best seen through the eyes of a child!!!

My Soulmate

Alone comes man, alone he goes, Alone he meets his end. Alone he was, alone he is, Alone his life he spends. These thoughts in mind came at a time When I lost my faith in people. I started to think its of no use, Its better to live on a steeple. It was then, that I met you, You came like a breath of fresh air. You lent an ear and wiped my tears, When I needed, you were there. You gave me back, my lost faith My lost hope and love. You became the gift to me The one I needed from God above. My friend, my guide, my hope, my goal Words fail when I describe you. My love, my life, my heart, my soul, All I can say is "I LOVE YOU". Alone I came, alone I may go, Alone I may meet my end, Alone I was, but when you are by my side, I love each moment I spend.


If there’s someone with whom you are at ease, If there’s someone with whom your mind’s at peace, If there’s someone with whom you can easily talk, If there’s someone with whom, as you are, you can walk, If there’s someone who always cares, If there’s someone who your sorrow shares, If there’s someone who wipes off your tears, If there’s someone who removes your fears, If there’s someone to help when you fall, If there’s someone to hear if you call, If there’s someone to share what you feel, If there’s someone to turn your dreams to real, If there’s someone who makes you feel like a star, Then you should be glad that YOU are what you are!!!!

Abilities And Related Toys

      Toys have had a big role to play in enhancing developments in children. In fact, play therapy is a recent approach towards treating children. Here goes the general guidelines while buying age specific toys with added information. I have included the general abilities you can notice in that particular age and appropriate toys. You need not buy all specified toys. You can choose according to your budget and most important, your child's likes and dislikes. BIRTH TO 6 MONTHS Abilities 1. Visual focus develops and infant follows objects with eyes. 2. Learns to turn to see where sounds come from. 3. Tries to grasp objects. 4. Discovers feet by bringing feet to mouth. 5. Begins to sit with support. 6. Rolls, rocks and loves to be bounced. 7. Begins to recognize familiar people and objects. 8. Imitates simple movements. 9. Begins to smile at faces. 10. Listens to voices and may imitate sounds. Appropriate Toys 1. Hanging toys or mobiles 2. Soft Blocks 3. Simple Rattle

Exceptional Children

      The term "Exceptional Children" is generally misunderstood. Majority of people feel that an exceptional child means a mentally challenged(retardation/cerebral palsy/Down's syndrome etc) or a handicapped child (deaf/dumb/blind/ physically handicapped etc.). In reality, all children who are born are born exceptional. T he term "Exceptional" also includes Gifted children, children with Learning Difficulties, Twice Exceptional or 2e children, Autistic children and those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).      Presently in India, all major schools have a School Psychologist/ Counsellor whose main job is to identify and train these children. Besides them, there are Child Psychologists who can evaluate a child's exceptionality (be it an anomaly or a giftedness) and suggest measures to encourage the same.       There is a theory which states that all infants and toddlers are aware of what

You and Your Genius

      All parents consider their infant to be a born genius. Indeed, it is true. Children are born as geniuses but parents do not recognize the area of strength of their little genius. The end result, by the time they do start recognizing, it becomes late. Controversial it may be but it is true that the child can be nurtured into a genius if his or her strengths are recognized and nurtured within the first five years of his or her life. The major hitch in the entire setup is that for parents, being a genius means being academically strong and of course, good grades. What parents fail to realize is that all children are born with some talent or the other. if this talent is recognised and nurtured, you have a genius who'll make you proud. How To Recognise The Talent In Your Genius In The First Two Years       Now comes the most important question that I am sure all parents and parents-to-be would ask; how do you recognise the talents your genius has????? Well, its ver