The Telephone: A Sonnet

Whenever the telephone does ring, My heart always skips a beat, I do not know with what news I will meet, Will I cry or will I sing? With such doubts in my mind, I unwillingly creep up to it, At once I wish I could peacefully sit, For sad news I always hate to find. But my mind then gets filled with a thought, If I cannot face a mere telephone, I am the cowardest person ever known, Deciding its better to be brave than not, A new inspiration gets filled within me, And thus I answer the call with much glee.

Conversation With God

I went to the place I often frequented And was flabbergasted with what I saw. Unable to control myself I questioned, “Lord what has been done to you? Why in the name of religion Is shoving and pushing permitted Amongst those Who want to have a glimpse of you? Why is special treatment given To those who pay a hefty sum To the Trustee fund? Why is there a separate gate For VIPs to meet you? Aren’t we all equal before you?” Disappointed, I continued my rant, “Where is the sanctity that once existed In your so called Sanctum Sanatorium? Where is my Lord who used to console When I ran up to him whenever troubled? Who are you now? Why have you changed? Why cannot things be as before?” I was unhappy, broken inside, This place wasn’t what it used to be. As I looked at the idol when I could, Amidst shoving hands and shaking heads, I heard a voice that no one could, I heard a whisper in my head. “Dear child I am still the same But some things are not in my hands.

Fighter's Vow

Am thankful for this life, For being a daughter, friend,  Sis, mom and wife. Could I have asked for anything more? I don't think for sure. Yet that quiet demon within me, Doesn't like to see Me happy. It tells me to ask for the moon, And that too, real soon. Time 'o' clock is ticking fast. If I don't act now It won't last. It knows I have broken pieces inside, Scars and wounds I cannot hide. But one thing is for sure, I know whats mine And wont ask for more. I almost gave up but now I won't, I have people who say 'Don't'. I won't give up I will fight, For what belongs to me, What is right. Doubts in my head you'll face defeat, I will fight you till I succeed.

Watch Your Back

One day as I went to leave My little girl at school. She looked up with wonder-filled eyes And spoke with a demeanour cool. "Mommy," she said "please don't go, I am scared to walk alone. What would I do if I fall? What would I do if you are gone?" I smiled at her and I said,  "When you fall I'll be there to catch. And when you walk, do walk ahead, I'll always watch your back." And then she asked, "What if you had to go?" What if I don't find you around?" I replied, "No matter where we might go, Our hearts are always bound." My little girl smiled and stood to walk While I stood on her track, We both knew I was there, Always, to watch her back.