Our sense of smell is the only sense that sends information directly to the brain. Of the twelve nerve endings that enter the brain, only the olfactory or sense of smell passes stimuli to the brain unfiltered. There are certain odours that increase the ability to learn, create and think. Other aromas boost attention and learning. Mental alertness can be increased by using peppermint, basil, lemon, cinnamon and rosemary. In order to promote relaxation and calming effect, use lavender, chamomile, orange and rose.

Ideas for Using Aromas to Build Brain Power

1. Design cooking activities to release aromas that increase alertness.
2. Use scented playdough.
3. Encourage kids to use scented markers for writing and drawing.
4. Add cooking extracts to tempera paints and ask kids to make scent-sational paintings.
5. Use potpourri.
6. Provide hand lotions by the sink for children to use after washing their hands.
7. Make scratch and sniff pictures.
8. Play florist.
9. Grow a herb garden.
10. Take a nature walk.
11. Create scented crayons for children to use.


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