New Beginning

Rest in peace my warrior in blue,
Six years have flown by,
Since the day I stayed back on earth,
And you joined the sky.

Initially, I tried to be like you,
I tried to fill up your shoes,
Then it clicked deep within
My roads were mine to choose.

I learnt to stand on my two feet,
And broadened my shoulders further,
I continued as mom,
I stopped being the father.

You always were and will always be,
The man our girls look up to,
I need to teach them that I am me,
And you will always be you.

Yes, you are no longer present,
Physically in their life,
But in every single action of theirs,
I always see you alive.

Grateful I am for the moments we spent,
As soulmates on this earth,
But I must confess your death has been,
In true terms my rebirth.

Every life has a life purpose
Yours was to bring a change in mine,
Your job was done, you had to go,
I now accept it as fine.

It took me years to find inner peace,
And make amends with my soul,
Your deed on earth was up and done,
Its my turn to find my goal.

I had promised you I will take care,
Of the three girls in your life,
I took care of two as a mother,
I forgot about your wife.

So today I promise with a peaceful heart,
No more tears of pain,
No more mourning, or signs of it,
I know we will meet again.

Your presence on earth taught me the value,
Of life's moments and love,
So here is a toast to our new life journey,
Mine on earth and yours above.

Do your bit in Heaven my king,
Don't worry about us any more,
Our love will be my guiding light,
Your tigress has found her roar.

Our love story is eternal,
It will never die,
Wherever we might be,
Its always you and I.

What we are for each other,
None can understand,
Coz every second of our life,
We keep holding hands.

Imagination, mind running wild,
People might interpret,
But I always find you by my side,
When I am sad or I fret.

There can't be another me,
Or another you,
Like fauji samples, the chosen ones,
We are the Perfect Two.

Let us celebrate a new beginning today,
Lets pen a different happily after,
Me on earth with my pen,
You above with your Angel Copter.

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