They say twas six years of association, 
I have lost only my spouse.
Do they understand the bond we shared
And the feel of loneliness I house?

They say without you now being alive,
No bond with me they share.
Then why is it that time and again
They pretend to others they care?

They can take all your clothes, your material things,
Leaving me without any.
What they cant take is the love we shared
Or the memories now with me.

If they think it disturbs me
Or shatters my peace of mind.
Pity on them cause I have moved on,
Leaving my past behind.

My love, my life, my Prince Charming,
My soulmate, my man in blue.
My heart knows that you know,
I'll always be the woman you loved, you knew.

Let people say whatever they want,
They matter not, for them I no longer care.
All I now live is with the confidence
That you love me and are always there.

Love is what brought us together,
What still binds us is only love.
The only thing between us now is distance,
Me on Earth and you above.


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