New Year Wish For My Sweetheart

Dearest sweetheart up in heaven,
I thought of a silent wish today,
Yet every fragment of my soul,
Wants me to shout out and say.
Have a wonderful year with your friends,
Enjoy your stay above,
I know you know that I am fine,
After all, we are soulmates my love.

I may sound wonky and delusional,
For saying you're alive in my life,
For the world you may be dead,
But I will always be your wife.
Love doesnot have an expiry date,
Especially when its true,
Nor does distance make any difference,
A case in point me and you.

Love is really a funny thing,
It shows up when you least expect,
And when it did fourteen years ago,
It came with honesty, trust, respect.
I am still human not an angel like you,
I might have made mistakes,
But the love I feel you shower me with,
Is the reason my heart never breaks.

People say Time heals all wounds,
Oh yes it did for me for sure,
And with every passing day,
I love you even more.
I love you for being you
And for being with me when I need,
You are the wind beneath my wings,
My medicine when I bleed.

I know you hear my silence clearly,
And you read my thoughts as well,
I always feel you by my side,
When I fall or am in my shell.
Why this sudden shower of love,
On social media, you might wonder,
But I am doing this to reach out to you,
To your present home yonder.

Cause words have the power to convey,
Our feelings through a telepathic call,
Absence presence no longer matters,
True love conquers it all.
Our love story began on Earth,
And though Death tried his best,
His new beginning in our lives,
Couldn't disturb our nest.

I dont love you with my heart,
Cause heartbeats might end sometime,
I dont love you with my mind,
Cause memory can fade with time.
I love you sweetheart with all my soul,
Cause souls can never die,
No matter what people might think,
Its always YOU and I.

Once more my love let me wish,
A year filled with peace to you,
Though life might throw lemons at me,
Our love will help make lemonade too.
We are apart due to distance,
Me on Earth and you above,
Nothing can ever separate us,
Cause we are bound tightly by love.

❤❤❤HAPPY 2019 ❤❤❤

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