My Childhood

All of us are children,
Unique, me and you.
Childhood can be happy,
It can be different too.

Most children live with siblings,
And both parents too.
Yet some don't have a parent,
I am one of such few.

Today as a child I am here,
Eager to tell you all,
About a Dad I never see,
A Dad who never calls.

Though you cannot meet him,
I want you all to know,
All about my Daddy,
How much he loves me so.

He loved to tell me stories,
He taught me to ride my bike,
He surprised me with chocolates,
And gave me things I like.

You see, he was an Air Warrior,
He died five years ago.
He was chosen by God,
When I was only four.

I love my Daddy very much,
He is my shining star,
And if he could, he would be here,
But heaven is just too far.

My Daddy's always with me,
Even though we are apart.
My childhood is different,
My Dad lives in my heart.

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