There are days when I want to write, But my ink runs dry. I still have unanswered questions, Many 'what if' and 'why'. My heart still has an aching void, The world can never fill. Yet every single moment in life, You remain my strength, my will. I laugh and smile, 'monkey' around, I wear make-up too. For my every nerve, every cell, Still shouts out for you. You taught me love is eternal, It can never die. No matter where my life path goes, Its always "You and I". I do have my fleeting moments, When pained emotions are high. But knowing you for who you are, You will understand why. I cry, I rant, I shed my tears, All to reach out to you. Your love, my pain, both together, Help keep my life sky blue. You are you and I am I, I can never fill your shoes. I am trying hard to live the life, You've wanted me to choose. Rest in peace, live your life, To the fullest there above. You'll remain my strength, my hope,


Time once gone never returns, So just do what your heart yearns.  Live each moment like its last,  Else 'twill become a thing of past.  Love like you'll never love again,  Take a walk or dance in the rain.  Just do what your heart says is right, Even if the brain puts up a fight.  Sing the songs you've wanted to sing, Live your life like a Queen or King.  Some day when you are weary and small, Thoughts will knock and give a call. Memories of moments you have lived and gone, Of times and hours with  that 'Someone'. They will truly make you smile,  You will feel you are worthwhile.  Hope is what that should keep you  going, Live each moment and love  what you are doing...

Friends, Memories And More

Happy Friendship Day said Facebook to me. I smiled. Really!!! I mean do I really need one particular day to celebrate the existence of my friends? Personally, I do not. My friends matter a lot to me. I do not need one day in a year to acknowledge their presence. In fact they have quietly walked into my life and stood by me at all times.  I still remember when I was a kid, with my pigtails swaying behind as I danced on my way to school. There were days when I would get late for the morning assembly. My buddies would fill up my space and quietly let me sneak in when the classes were dispersed. There were days when lunch boxes were swapped and food breaks were celebrated. And then, a time came when I reached college. Come what may and try hard as I could, I would invariably end up missing the first class of the day. Yet again, my buddies would mark me present and jot down points for me. I vividly remember the days we would all bunk our classes only to sit in the cafeteria for a l

Kitchen Tales

A tale to help teach kids the art of cooking.