Happy Independence Day

I feel happy that my country is
Independent, but am I?
I can't even walk through a crowd,
With my chin up and head held high.

I still fear speaking my heart out
Because there are thousands waiting to judge,
What is spoken, discuss threadbare,
Form opinions and never budge.

I dont have the right to wear what I want to,
Because I am a girl, a widow, a woman.
And if I still do don the attire I like,
I become an object available for fun.

Gone are the days when I could write,
Sonnets and ballads in the name of love.
Love here is a banished word,
And lovers meet in heaven above.

I am but a humble soldier, sailor and an air warrior,
Yet it pains my heart to see,
As I proudly serve my country without fear,
There are many afraid to be as they wish to be.

All I wish for my country and countrymen today,
Is hope, peace and harmony.
May every Indian be truly equal,
And from 'I' and 'You' they become 'We'.

I have nothing to gain or lose, coz I live for the flag
And may get wrapped in it when I return,
Every inch of her ground, sea and air is my home.
They envelop me first and thereafter my urn.

Wishing every Indian peace, hope, heritage,
Optimism, being free in the true sense.
Long live our country with her head always high,
Respect your freedom and Independence.


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