Sometimes an image alone can bring back memories.
Sometimes its a thought.
Sometimes an action.
No matter what, how do I ever bring you back.
Back into my life.
Back to me.

Would life have been any different?
Wish I had a crystal ball to gaze into!!
But I am no fortune teller
And you are not a fragment of imagination.

Time has not paused.
Life has moved on.
Work has kept me busy
And kids have me occupied.

But sometimes,
A wee little corner of my heart
Cries out loud.
Just loud enough for me to hear.
Thats when I realise
There is so much I lack.
I lack in my life.
I lack in me.

Nay sayers think I have it all.
Inspite of the downs I have been through.
But only I know.
How much of a battle each day resembles.
Yes, I am at war.
At war with myself.
To war with with my thoughts.
That is why I guess,
I ended up being a warrior!


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