The Townsman

I feel like the townsman in Pearl S Buck's book by the same name. Packing my bags, moving on and thereafter, settling down in a new place. Not that this is something new. Thanks to the travel shoes I wear, I start getting the traveller's itch after every two years.

Coming back to the book, it may sound cliched but this book has been one of my all-time favourites. And now, with my current job, I am able to relate to the central character. 

For those  who have migrated to a new place, well...this story is a must-read for you. It deals with apprehensions, of doubts whether the  new place and its people would accept a  stranger into their fold.

This story is also for those contemplating a shift, because, it is all about hope and goodness prevailing over everything else. And as it is said, its hope that inspires moves.

Well...coming back to my plight as I struggle with packing, unpacking, winding up, settling down, right now, hope notwithstainding, I feel like taking a break, sipping a cup of coffee. This is what I call true Nirvana Townsman style!!!!!

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