Family Dosa

Had taken the kids out for a treat. As usual their choice of cuisine popped up. One wanted noodles while the other wanted a chole bature. It was as they squabbled I realized that this had become a routine affair. We went out, ordered food based on individual choices. Sometimes we finished the laid out food, on some occassions have got them packed only to be left in the refrigerator or have left them right there thoroughly  embarrassed to have gone overboard. I decided to put a stop to their tiffs and ordered a four feet family dosa instead. It was an impulsive action and my kids definitely thought that their old lady was going crazy. They were mighty miffed. One complained why I hadn't ordered what she had wanted. The other one had a disgusted look on her face and refused to talk to me. When the literally lengthy dosa appeared, their anger turned into surprise and wonder. "How in the name of God are we going to finish this???". The other one simply said "Oh my God!

Dear Daughter

You are still a little girl But soon you will grow. There are lots I need to tell you And lots you should know. Remember you are special And will always be. Though now you are my daughter Soon you'll be a friend to me. Life is not easy But its not difficult too.. I am sure you will succeed If you remain as "You". Success does not always  mean Riches, parties or fleet of cars. In fact, it is the wealth of smiles You gather during happy hours. Success has no meaning If no true friends are by your side, If you are lonely at heart Or have things to hide. Live a life to its fullest Not because you have to. Life lived well is really one When you truly want to. It is better to be remembered By people, even if few. For all the good you have done And for their joys due to you. There will be heartbreaks and sorrow Thats how works the wheel of life. It is up to you To find peace amidst strife. The dark clouds will only stay

Let Me Be Me

I have been referred to With numerous names, I have been spoken of For playing mind games. I have been called An opportunist Who uses her womanly wiles, To get her way And get away With people by using smiles. If I wear bright colours, A bangle, a bindi And a pair of ear top. I am said to have  Taken pains To look good and dress up. If I laugh aloud  I have no shame If I dont I am a Snob If I am Independent They think its due to my job. I have had enough and now its time For me to raise my voice. I am a Widow I agree But it was never by choice. I am not a window of opportunity Nor a tissue to use and throw. Neither am I a damsel in despair Nor a broken bow. I dont need any shoulder To cry and lean on. Do not think I am emotionally weak, I dont need another 'Someone'. I really pity  The people who see The smile on my face for their notion. They can never see The pain within me For them m

Remember Nora

     Remember Nora? Well...thought of meeting her after a gap of two years. Had heard a lot from others. Was told how she was a courageous woman, taking everything in her stride and moving on..Had learnt she was admired for the way she behaved. I had almost etched a picture of hers in my mind.  Met her. Found her to be fitting the descriptions I had heard. Felt fact...lighter in my heart. Thanked God for the status quo. And then...without giving a second thought, probed her. Lo and behold!!! A new facet!!! There were no streams of tears but her eyes were wet. No more lumps in her throat when she answered queries about her soulmate and yet her mind always raced back to her children with a prayer in her heart "May God make them as strong as steel - tough, dependable, long lasting."       Time like a typical gypsy had moved on. She had kept abreast with its pace. Yet there were still unanswered queries buried deep within her: She kept getting answers for que